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Sufi gymnastics

In your movements, be energetic like water be swift like the wind.

Sufi gymnastics create plasticity in the body. The movements awaken and strengthen energetic centres; promote a stately bearing and beautiful look, a light and graceful walk; help attain psychological comfort in life; teach the correct manner of deep breathing, and enable the individual to recover the full value of senses and sensations. This system paves the way for other directions in Sufism.

Sufi gymnastics and system of Sufi respiration exercises:

It is a complex of special exercises, carried out individually or by the group of people under the specialist control. For example, the system of exercises: Healthy spirit healthy body:

  • Exercise: The respiration system on the level 7x1x7;
  • The system of seven breathes in motion, for cardiovascular system;
  • The respiration system Sufi-dervish, counting 1-9, breathe in and breathe out in motion;
  • The respiration system Koinot, 33 times;
  • The respiration system to clean the brain and signal system;
  • Exercises for legs and hands;
  • Mantra exercises;
  • Respiratory exercises for gastrointestinal tract;
  • Energetic massage, 9 times; massage of internal organs, 3 times.
Its recommended to do these exercises in the morning and in the evening during the full course of treatment, and to do them 2 times a week in the morning and before the sleep after the treatment is finished. Just dont wait fast results, as these processes are very deep and energetic: do it for you!

All our production is founded on herbs. It doesnt contain any hormones and animal fats.


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