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About healing

  1. Its better to carry out prophylaxis of the organism on the whole than treat for the consequences of an illness. That means though nothing troubles you it is better every 3-5 months to check your organism and carry out its prophylaxis by officinal herbs.
  2. Dont take pains treating disease which is the result of your inner process. Find the reason and stop the development of the pathology and only then take up treatment, real treatment is when you destruct the root of the disease! Sufi Tabib is not occupied with anaesthetic processes and first aid. In such cases address modern medicine.
  3. Keep the ecology of the organism i.e. take care of surgical intervention and long taking chemical medicine. Do every thing possible to raise your immunity. Only then you will become really healthy.
  4. Be not occupied with self treatment even if it is not harmful to you, because you do not know what processes are going in your organism.. Especially be careful when you are fulfilling street advise, which can lead to the appearance of unexpected negative consequences in your organism.
  5. Clear your thoughts, think about good. Your spirit must se conceutrated on your Creator, thank Him and often remember.
  6. Reduce your demand for food, clothes and techniques. Try to content yourself with minimum. Dont lose your energy acquiring unnecessary things.
  7. Try to believe Sufi-Tabib, but know your health is in the hands of God. If you cant believe, not satisfied with the result or dont show patience stop treating!
  8. Twice a week for 10 15 minutes be engaged in (prayers) physical, respiratory or spiritual exercises (The exercises can be taken from Sufi-Tabib).
  9. If you become better during your treatment all the same, carry Sufi-Tabibs directions on taking officinal herbs through.
Better to know this

Whether you can treat yourself in this center and whether your temperament, character and inward energy do for this medicine decides only Sufi-Tabib.
If you really want to be cured, slowly receive 3-5 courses of treatment. Remember, the slower you treat your health the deeper and steadier results of treatment.
On Sufi Tabibs advice you can receive psychologists consultation.
If inside your organism there are deep and serious pathologic diseases, officinal herbs can provoke them and temporarily your health may become worse. Dont trouble and continue treatment.
In this Center treatment is on a voluntary basis and any time you have right to stop it.
What keeps your healing;
Strength of your faith in single God;
Minimum sins before God and people;
Your trust in God. Your confidence in Tabib;
Absolute fulfillment of Tabibs instructions;
Carrying treatment through without stopping; Tabibs notification about the end of treatment
I wish you strong health, clear thoughts and great spirituality.

Sufi - Tabib


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