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About sufi medicine

From the time that mankind has existed, preservation of his health has been of paramount importance. Dozens of different medical systems have developed and co-exist. The main streams are: chinese, tibetan, indian (Ayurveda), homeopathic, modern traditional medicine and others. A question occurres, why so many distinguished medical systems exist although, the human organism is identical everywhere.

The main reason for these directions existence is their scientific character, the direction of research into the different peoples and their national traditions.

It is very well that, these medical systems exist, but then why has the question, about the healthy human organism in todays century of developed science and high technologies, not been answered till the end? Professor S. Zalmanov, the creator of the Theory of medical depth, states that medicine has reached a deadlock, or it has stopped at the beginning of physiopathology.

It is possible to admit that in modern clinics the practice of medicine is technical highly equipped and gets more and more results in matters of ambulance, stomatology, obstetrics, surgery, but all these are connected with the cure of the consequences of the illness. The etiology, its development and treatment are based on the physical level of the human body.

As there cannot be trees without roots, there cannot be disease without inner reasons. Therefore it will be necessary to control reasons on physical, physiological, energetic levels and on the most important on the spiritual level.

During the past, modern medicine has developed in eastern countries with much tempo but nobody has seriously thought that using strong remedies ruin the immune systems balance and destroy resistance of the organism. After destroying the natural balance of the organism the usual cures do not give results anymore.

We are of the belief that the production of various pharmacological companies bring a deep breach in human organism with sideffects that lead to illness. Furthermore the remedies that are produced all over the world do not suit all the people who live in different climatic zones. From the energetical and ecological point of view these remedies are taken without thinking and under compulsion. No doubt it is impossible to stop the negative influences, on the human organism, in one stroke, because no system exists that is ready and suitable. However everyone can influence this process and it is possible to resist. It is important not to create new methods, but to pay attention to our historic heritage.

According to legends (Islam Ilmholi, Turkey, 1988) the third son of prophet Adam, Shish received from God great revelations and wrote them on 50 sheets, seventeen of which describe modes of curing and prophylactics of illnesses. It was a complete description of Gods medicine the spiritual medicine. God created man and paid great attention to the development of his health. Therefore we find in the Holy Qoran, 6660 verses (oyats), of which 100 deal with recovery.

We must note that this knowledge is divided into three groups:

  • The first one has appeared in the social system of mans life. It has changed, and has been engraved in the conscious mind.
  • The second knowledge is hereditary (blood) which has been passed from one generation to the next one; i.e. from father to son, as a familly inheritance.
  • The third one is the spiritual Gods knowledge - which is given to humans as a revelation or as a gift.
If all these categories of knowledge are joined to medicine we can get a social knowledge. It is the knowledge of modern (traditional) medicine, inherited knowledge and the knowledge of the popular (nontraditional) medicine. The spiritual knowledge is Sufis knowledge. The word sufi, its rules are very suitable for Central Asia and for the territory of Usbekistan which is considered to be the place (center) of sufi saints. Therefore it is necessary to remember all the famous Sufis like Hoja Ahmad Yassaviy, Bahauddin Naqshband, Najmuddin al-Kubra and others. For this reason I shall not elaborate on more details about the idea of sufism.

It proves there exists a Divine medicine, a saintly medicine, but why is such little information available about it and what are its main attributes and its future?

Such a sytem of medicine exists and continues to develope in sufi surroundings and till today it is considered to be a great secret. It is enough to remember names like: Mohamed Roziy, Husaini, Abu Musa Bukhari, Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, Furkat, Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Najmuddin al-Kubra founders of the Gondishapur and sufi schools.

How can one live under the ground for 30 60 years as Hoja Ahmad Yassavyi and his follower Muhammad ibn Vosei (Encyclopadie Learning of Saints, Turkey 1994) did without knowing the secret systems of physiotechnic and physiopsychology?

If such a system of medicine already exists, what is it like and on what is it based? The sufi medicine took a distance from other systems that existed at that time and made its centrepoint to strengthen and develop the inner immune system given by God. This means to strengthen the inner power (energy) of the organism, which gives impulse (energy) for the normal functioning of the inner organs.

It is important to understand that an illness which appears to the surface has inner reasons and there are secret inner forces of the organism to manifest the symptoms of the illness. An example is the skin disease eczema which according to modern medicine is the result of an infringe of the pancreas and dysbacteria with its further development of pathological microflora. This disease cannot be treated with physical methods only. Only, sufi medicine has studied all the questions of treatment on the physical, physiological, energetical and spiritual levels. This means that all the reasons and the methods of treatment of all diseases have been studied. If this is so then appears the question as to how the sufi medicine is used in practice?

The Peoples Center Yassaviy Turkiston (Center for studiying the cultural heritage of Eastern popular medicine) has great experience. The present center was established and officially registered in 1992 and has its branches in Tashkent, Buchara, Moscow, Obninks, Chirchick and Jizzak. There Usbek nationals and foreigners are treated. The Center is working with sufi medicine which has been presented already at the University Pascal in Paris, in Sufi-Associations, in California by Prof. S. Zalmanov Theory of medicine in depth.

Presently the Center works with five main directions of the sufi medicine:

  1. Curing with medicinal herbs, gathered at the heights between 3700 5300 meters, in ecologically pure environment and enriched with minerals and ultra-violet rays. In the main Center 280, different medicinal remedies are prepared which are also used in practice.
  2. Sufi energetic massage
  3. Special treating methods for improving the connection between the central nervous system and the inner organs.
  4. Sufi gymnastics and sufi breathing methods
  5. Treatment with prayers and mantras (these methods are also used in the branches)

Presently it has become necessary that these methods are tested practically and scientifically and defined as sufi medicine. This is the task of the Yakdillik Center of Oriental medicine, recently opened in Tashkent.

We must mention that the results of the treatment are very effective and the sufi medicine is particularly successfully treating chronic and oncological diseases.

Of course the above-stated opinion does not undermine the achievements of modern medicine - this would not be fair, as each system has its own place. The People Center Yassaviy Turkiston collaborates with medical departments of some contemporary medicine. For example The Institut of medical radiology in Obninsk (Russia), The Orthopedic Institute and department of pathologic anatomy TASHMI-2 in Usbekistan.

At present the collaborators of the Center are publishing a book on Sufi medicine which will be usefull for strengthening human health for our people and the whole mankind. There are reasons and facts to push the development of science. Without understanding it, it is impossible to disprove it and to engage in creative activity towards grasping the essence (truth).

As much as modern medicine is strong and dictating, the same people address themselves to popular medicine, to the medicine that has been handed down by our ancestors because Historical medicine has great force.


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