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Medical activities of the centers

1. Three level diagnosis

  • Physical level;
  • Physiological (functional) level;
  • Mental (energy) level.
We use traditional methods
  • Pulse diagnosis;
  • Sufi diagnosis;
  • Field diagnosis.
2. Therapeutic measures

Among non-traditional methods of treatment, six main systems of Sufi Medicine are used in the Centers, which are particularly effective in regard to chronic and oncologic diseases:

  • Treatment with non-traditional medicinal plants (phytotherapy);
  • Special Sufi method of treatment "Nafsi-Notik";
  • Improvement of the connection between the central nervous system and internal organs;
  • Sufi energetic massage;
  • Sufi medical gymnastics and breathing system;
  • Treatment by prayers and mantras;
  • Zikr (Sufi meditation).
Traditional methods of treatment:
  • Homeopaths advice and treatment by homeopathic preparations. The homeopathic pharmacy is functioniong;
  • Treatment by traditional medicinal plants (phytotherapy);
  • Acupuncture;
  • General massage with the methods of bimanual therapy;
  • Improving and therapy of the segmentary-reflex and nerve-points;
  • Tourism: Annually from the 1st of June till the 1st of October you may rest and relax in the beautifull highlands of Jizzak near the ancient museum city of Samarkand.

We mostly use phytotherapy (treatment by vulnerary plants) in our medical practice. Medicinal plants and raw materials for production are herborized by experts of the Center from 15th May till 15th September, annually in the highlands of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Himalayas at the height of 3700 5300 meters. Medicinal plants are ecologically pure and concentrated with mineral elements and ultraviolet rays. There is a phytoshop and laboratory in the Center. During more than 20 years of practical work we have elaborated and prepared 280 different medicinal remedies according to the special Sufi techniques. Ready to use remedies are the following: powders, tinctures, ointments, balsams, oils, granules and drops.

Currently we can offer you a variety of remedies for:

  • Catharsis and depletion;
  • Increasing the defense functions of the organism;
  • Improvement of peptic systems;
  • Restoration of microflora;
  • Betterment of motor apparatus;
  • Sanitation of cardio-vascular system;
  • Elevation and restoration of sexual activitiy;
  • Fight against sterility and other gynocologial disturbances;
  • Help with urological diseases, including renal diseases;
  • Fight against alcoholic diseases and smoking;
  • Normalization of the function of the thyroid;
  • Dermal diseases, hair and nail treatment;
  • Weight gain or reduction;
  • Vital hypertension;
  • Help with respiratory diseases;
  • Oncological diseases treatment;
  • Fight against other disturbances of organic functions.
Treatment experience of oncologic diseases

We have gathered a wealth of experience about the treatment of oncologic diseases. Special methods of identification, treatment and prophylaxis have successfully been developed. Forms of cancer such as leucosis, cerebral growth, inflammation of lymph nodes and liver cirrhosis, in early stage, respond well to our treatment. Also tumor cells are identified and treated. The experts at our Center find it necessary to treat not the physical human body, but the unseen one, as vagrant cells are the result of the cerebral signal system being affected. It is required to completely reinstate the spiritual power and ecology of man. We are concerned with the prepotent effect on organisms by means of special preparations to create new cells for fighting against the vagrant cells. Hereby the main purpose is achieved denial of lesion by vagrant cells and restoration of normal function of all systems.


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