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Народный центр Суфийской медицины

Центр Суфийской гимнастики, хореографии и боевых искусств

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Treatment methods

Treatment of:

Myopia and Presbyopia (in the age from 5 to 18)

Method of the treatment:

Acupuncture + manual therapy + bioenergetic

influence, sufi meditation.
One course of the treatment – 10 sittings –
7-10 days, once or twice in a year.
2-3 courses of treatment in all.

Effectiveness of the treatment:

The eyesight keenness improves by 2-4 times.
Tolerance to long reading improves.
Progressiveness of myopia stops.
Effectiveness of one course of the treatment lasts from 1 to 3 years.
It is recommended 2-3 courses of the treatment during 2-3 years, point massage and specific exercises for eyes as well.
The eyesight keenness rises again with the following courses of the treatment in comparison with the result of the result of the previous courses of the treatment.


per hour = 6 - 10 patients = 6 - 10 sittings
per day = 40 patients = 40 sittings
per month = 80 patients = 800 sittings


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