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Center of Sufi medicine

Народный центр Суфийской медицины

Центр Суфийской гимнастики, хореографии и боевых искусств

In the Sufi world
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Labor activity

Center activity creates conditions for person:

  • organized education who is interested in sufism in theory and practice;
  • make various contacts, lectures, conversations and meeting with scientist, experts of sufism;
  • advertise and propagandize works of sufizm direction in practive: medicine, philosophy, gymnastics, cosmetics, choreographics, fighting skills, nutrition and sufiy mode of life;
  • arrange commercial appointments, discussions for creating joint ventures;
  • arrange contacts with foreign companies, embassies and representation in joint works of development of sufism directions;
  • organize tourism rounds (sporting, exotic, medical-healthy and sufiy);
  • organize visits to holy places, unknown for tourists.
Information centre offer:
  • talks with Sheih (after preliminary test);
  • help to answer on any questions concern of sufism;
  • library, reading-room, video index, audiocassettes for acquainfance;
  • shop where you can find books, videocassettes, audiocassettes, cards, cosmetic, grasses, booklets, creams, oils and other products produced in our centres.
Also we have products of folk masters - skilled workmen.

Visit the centre can everybody who interested in sufism independently of nation, age, sex and religion.


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