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Sufi history

Sufism hasnt and have never had the beginning, and it have never appeared libe a historical phenomenon, it was existed always, because light has always been inside essence of person. This light can be called Gods knowledge, godlike wisdom Sufism. Sufism was always practices, and his righteous herald was person of heart.

The legend asserts that the first prophet was Adam and it means, that the first person on the Earth possessed wisdom. Among humane race always was persons, who strangely aspired to wisdom. They were founding retired people and serviced them with loyalty and learned wisdom. Little who know, what teached select people, but grandeur of their personality had attracted many. And people said to prophet: Well follow you, well believe you, well serve you and never will follow other, - and saints answered: My children, we bless you. Make so, do so. You must live just like this, and not in another way and gave them commandments and laws, which can bring up in people mildness and mankind ness. So was born religions.

But in the course of time truth was lost. Grown aspiration to dominate, later too much zealous relationships to other; so gradually was lost wisdom. Religion was assessed, also not without difficulties, but the world at the same time and at the same stage of progress was such, that couldnt not to take Sufism. His followers were mocked, despised and undergo persecution: they had to hit from the world in solitude and mountains caves.

When Jesus came, Sufis were among first who listen to his teaching, and at Muhammad (S.C.W.) times Sufis from Jaffa mountains first respond to his call. One of interpretation of origin word Sufism connect it with the name of Jaffa mountain. Muhammad (S.C.W.) opened the way for Sufis to Arabia, where they got many followers, also Sadik and Ali. From there Sufism penetrated to Persia. However, wherever Sufis expressed there free views, they suffered from dominate religions. Only escape was poetry and music. The great Sufi poets Hafiz, Rumi, Shams, Tabriz, Saadi, Omar Hayyam, Nizami, Farid, Jaami and other gave wisdom of Sufi for the world. Rumis creation are so great, that who read and understand them will get knowledge of all world philosophy. At the holy meetings of Sufis, singing his poems is the part of divine service. Sufis destinies delights by humanity and Godliness.

Sufisms art reached perfection in India, which was for a long time country of spirituality. For Hindu mysticism is science and the main purpose of life. It was so at Mahadev times and later Krishna. Got in this fertile soil, brain of Sufism gave wonderful color and many great talents like Hvaja Moin ud din Chishti, became his followers. Music was the main part of their life and spiritual practice. Everything in the world are over influence of various phenomenon, thats why it could be mistake to assert that Sufism was born in Persia and have never existed before; it was mode of Sufism life at Muhammad (S.C.W.) times and even earlier as the fact that prophet willingly talked with Sufis and advised with them. In the course of time Sufism enriched from other religions himself, and influenced on many of them. Unscathed just tiny part of ancient writing legacy of ancient Sufism.

In ancient times was found Brotherhood of Cleanness Safa. His man purpose is: get to know yourself and you will get know God. This brothers who got to know their nature and were Sufis. Because Sufism is standing of self cognition.

Sufi and yogis can understand each other because there is only one difference between them: yogis more aspired to spirituality, and Sufi aspired to personality. Yogi supposes that it is better to be God; Sufi thinks that we must be a person, because if in somebody stay just one courage, he always risk to fall for our body its naturally to fall. Sufis supposes that if our body has wishes and requirements, we must satisfy them; he suppose that person can get from life everything that in his force, but if something is over his force, dont upset. There is no essential difference between yogi and Sufi. There is no difference in wisdom and if we can see them, its just difference of forms.

Gladness in unity; not separately in spiritual or material spheres and in both ones. Why person fold hands? Because there is couple where gladness in junction. Person has two eyes; when they are closed, gladness comes. When air comes through the nostril, mystic gets ecstasy. Why people shake hands with each other? Why they are glad to embrace? Why they want to talk to scientist or sage? Because one soul attract another one and connect it. Gladness is not only in one spirituality but in spiritual and material unity.

The main theme in Sufi life is freedom of soul. The great Persian Sufi poet Rumi said: Soul imprisoned in dungeon on the earth stays in dungeon till it lives here. Realize or not realize by person in each of us lives melancholy of soul, which aspired to go away from captivity, to get turn her chained ways. Answer on this outburst must be finding of spirituality.

There are two kinds of Sufi: rind and salik. Rind wonderfully embodied in Fitsjerald translation from Omar Hayyam : O my love, fill the cup which will clean todays day of past regrets and fear before future. And tomorrow I can be myself with yesterdays seven thousand years! He means next: take the best from current moment to live with present moment, clearly recognize eternity, but your look hit by the world of past and future, you have already lived not in eternity, you live in limited world. With other words, you must live not for past and present, you must live for eternity. Exactly here and now we can try to grasp happiness, which is finder souls freedom.

This is the main theme of creative work Sufi poets, whom we can named rinds. They are free from any fanaticism, instructions, dogmas oppressed on mankind. At the same time this people are of high ideals and perfect morals, deep thinking and very developed consciousness.

Among Sufis there are saliks, who meditate and think about ethics norms, living in accordance with right principles. Life teaches them, directs for right way and in Godliness they are and self deniel. Saliks way is too grasp essence of religion any which person confess and follow it as they want. Salik use the same religious ideas as orthodox does and takes parts in the same ceremony, but for salik they have another meaning. Each line of Holy Writ has special meaning for salik, because he see her in special light.

All high and find thoughts about God, preson and life can be understood just in connection with person revolution. Thats why Sufis named saliks, before take any religion and over her get harmony with other people and after they find truth, wisdom and interpret her.

Sufi literature written so, that person unknown her inside, hidden meaning, can be discouraged. If we take poems written by Hafiz we can notice, that there is no mention about God. If we take poems written by Omar Hayyam which west world high value, we can see, that he always writes the same things about wine, love and goblet and solitude. Somebody asked: Whats the spirituality in all of this? He says only about wine and goblet! If this is a spirituality, Im sorry for mankind! Yes, there are not so much about Godliness. And there isnt at all about Godliness and devotion in Jamis poetry, as in hundred poems of Sufi poets great sages and mystics. They thought that if they become spiritual people, they have to come a spiritual people, be like spiritual people and feared that on this way they will loss their freedom and become hypocrites.


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