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In our centers you can be taught sufi traditioins in practice,
Next ways:

- Sufism in life;
- Sufi martial arts;
- Sufi choreography;
- Sufi gymnastic;
- Sufi medecine:
    nafsi - notq
- Sufi zikr and respiration system.

There are all conditions for living, nutrition and tranings In our centers.

Lessons duration from 1 month to 2 years.

Offer the following tours.

Yakdillik and Yassaviy Turkiston centers offer the following tours for foreign and CIS citizens.

  • Sufi tourism
  • Sport tourism
  • Medicative-sanitary tourism
  • Exotic tourism
Sufi tours include visits to holy places of sufis in Tashkent and Djizak regions, meetings with sheikhs (chiefs) of sufi schools, talks and lectures on sufism as well as learning, passing through some stages of zikr(meditation) and living in the sufi center.

Sport tourism includes a mountain walking tour, sufi and sanitary gymnastics, hardening the organism by special exercises, learing sufi marshal arts and the system of respiratory exercises.

The basis of medicative-sanitary tourism includes the system of treatment by using the methods of sufi medicine, medicative herbs, sufi massage, gymnastics, respiratory exercises and medicative zikr.

Exotic tourism is for people who would like to stay at hard-to-reach places, in mountain conditions, in Uzbek kishlaks and tents with exotic national local dishes and traditions as well as learning local trades and national creative work.

Tours will be provided in the mountains of Tashkent and Djizak regoins, kishlaks.

Private hotels of the centers for tourits are located in the towns of Djizak and Kibray.

All services are provided by higly skilled and qualified specialists with a large experience.

Our centres offer private, individual information and advise of following direction:

1. In Sufi medicine sphere:

  • Correspondence diagnostic by description of diseas symptoms;
  • Recommendation of receptions medical herbs of concrete diseases;
  • System of medical (physical and respiratory) exercises of any diseases or for prophylactic of all organism;
  • Advise of treatment intractable and uncurable in modern medicine of diseases.
2. In Sufi philosophy and mode of life sphere:
  • Concrete questions of all sufi directions;
  • Situations of life of energency development energency and spiritual level of organism.
3. In Sufi cosmetics sphere:
  • Concrete advises of herbaceous cosmetics;
  • Regulation of weight, figure, height and beauty;
  • Answers on all questions concerning this direction.
4. In Sufi gymnastics, choreography and martial arts:
  • Concrete respiratory, physical and energency exercises in dependence of organism temperament;
  • Answers on all questions concerning these directions.
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