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The visionary Creation of Medat Kagarov

Medat Kagarov - painter, illustrator, miniature and graphic artist, lithographer, master of chapel paintings, a man of considerable talent was born in 1940, in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. He had graduated from Moscow Artistic Industrial School, formerly called as the Stroganov's Art school. Since 1970 he is a member of the USSR's Union of Artists. Today he resides and works in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Here he was awarded with various state prizes, his works may be seen in many private collections and international galleries.

Medat Kagarov has mastered high techniques of European painting and skills of a miniature graphics. He had illustrated the poetic things of many Oriental poets an created series of high metaphorical lithographs which were exposed at the international and solo displays.

A whiplash cutting line of the master has gained a new life after he had encountered in 1991 with chapel painting of the ancient Uigur town Turfan. In his canvases the artist continues the traditions of his Uigur ancestors - their chapel paintings of the V-VI cc, which have made an influence upon his creative process.

The melody of fine lines, of color and compositional proportions of ancient frescoes have touched upon the vivid strings of Medat Kagarov's archaic memory. He had captured the tune of forgotten, centuries deep-rooted lines of the ancient painting, thus extending its life in his artistic works and transferring its amazing plasticity into future.

The characters of creation and destruction in Medat Kagarov's canvases having amalgamated in the union of irreconcilable opposition, have settled in his idea of incarnation as the two opposing stream of consciousness. The inner harmony and the outer chaos, the inner harmony and the outer chaos have been mutually penetrated and joined in the point of concentration of the artist's self-knowledge, i.e. in the point of a creation moment, where the past and the future have joined together, in the point to which the sight of a prophet is directed. It is that point/ which keeps in equilibrium the beauty and its possible crush, the point which says neither yes, nor no, which neither asks, nor answers, the point which orders to keep silence, the point which makes one think of one's keeping silence.

The high individualism which is characteristic of Medat Kagarov, sinking into contemplation of his own intuitive visions are the specific features of his painting. They are like a visionary metarealism, which specifies his art works, like a new modern trend in the art - "Vision Art".

The polyassociativeness of the visionary art's painting spaces is an essayish thinking of the artist, where a syntheses of the abstract, concrete and real is of free and mobile character.

The world Medat Kagarov's paintings is composed actually of the multiple worlds, each particle of them is the central one and peripheral as well, living in mobile interconnection and integrity.

The Medat Kagarov's "Vision Art" is a conductor of the oppositional integrated and differential effigies, and the artist is standing on both sides, occupying an intermediate position of the culture itself defending the interests of its mobile sustainability and of the polycomplicated unity.

Medat Kagarov is a modern artist, whose creative mind is able to analyze and synthesize, to split the experienced solid and monolith forms of painting and to restore the shattered forms.

The phenomena of Medat Kagarov's creation is not only the reflection of the real world vision and, not only the continuation of traditions of the past, but it is an active capturing of the perspective of a creative development of the future.

The artist, being free of the social realism's ideological press is bearing a high human spirituality, striven towards the culture of future civilizations.

Galina Gromiko

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